My wife and I just launched a new project that is dear to our hearts. The KATA Hunger Project

Bob and Catherine Anderson have been traveling to Kenya since 2014. We love the people and the country.

However many Kenyans are starving. No food for a number of reasons. It’s called the food insecurity crisis. Maybe you have read about it.

Wr have been helping. We have a base set up in Thika and a small farm in Embu. We established in Thika our Kenyan Athletics Training Academy (KATA) in 2019. We train, house and feed runners and teach them how to become professional runners. We do not charge them any fees but they are asked to put in 20 hours weekly on our projects including cleaning and maintaining our facility, some computer work on our website My Best Runs and now our new project the KATA hunger Project.

Our Kenya Fresh Farm Hunger Project KATA is going to help a lot of Kenyans who are currently going to bed regularly hungry.

We are going to provide them home-grown fresh fruits and vegetables (grown on our KATA fresh farm in Embu we just set up) for 13 weeks. But this is more than just a giving away food program. We will also be training them during the three months to be better more efficient farmers as an example.

Many of those we will be helping are women farmers. Many are the head of their family and just need a little support.

We are empowering them. We have partnered with Women Farmer’s of Kenya to do the weekly training.

For us to help a lot of people we need your support. For every dollar you contribute we will provide one pound of fresh fruits and vegetables to a Kenyan in Need. 8.8 pounds weekly per person.