The Kenya Fresh Farms Hunger Project works like this

❤️ 1. The Kenyan in Need will need to apply and confirm they are in a food insecurity crisis.

❤️ 2. They will be asked if they fall into the two groups we are helping: women farmers and potential pro runners. 

❤️ 3. Once accepted KATA will provide 4 kilos weekly of home-grown fresh fruits and vegetables for 13 weeks.  Other members of their family may also qualify.

❤️ 4. The Kenyan in Need must show up personally and participant in the weekly farm training and potential pro runners need to attend regular training sessions either at KATA or at another KATA training location. They need to run in the monthly KATA time trial as well so we know how the training is working.

❤️ 5. The number of Kenyans in Needs  KATA will accept into this program will be based on the amount of contributions received from KATA supporters. 

❤️ 6. Once 114.4 pounds (52 kilos) is secured ($114.40 contributed) one Kenyan in Need will be registered for this program since this is what is needed to cover the whole 13-week program. 8.8 pounds weekly for 13 weeks equals a total of 114.4 pounds.

❤️ 7. Each month starting December 1, the total amount of new funds contributed will be totaled and divided by $114.40. That will be the number of Kenyans in Need who will be enrolled into this project. Their first weekly pickup of a KATA food pack will be Friday Dec 23.

The second fund period will start Dec 1 and end Jan 1. Total number of contributions collected in that month will be totaled and divided by $114.40 and on Feb 1 that number of new participants will be able to pick up their first KATA food pack Feb 1 and then weekly after that.