Helping Kenyans in Need: One US dollar secures one pound of Home-grown fresh fruits and vegetables for sturggling women farmers and their family and runners from poor families. Thank you for your support! Bob and Catherine Anderson and our team in Kenya ❤️

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For every US dollar contributed, one pound of home-grown fresh fruits and vegetables will be provided to a Kenyan in Need who have qualified for this program.

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Recent Contributors

Our Goal for KATA Funding by February 1, 2023: $5,000
Total contributions received: $2,115.85
Balance: $2,884.15

11/07/2022 $114.40 Justin Wall
11/05/2022 $114.40 Dave Zimmerman
10/31/2022 $410.00 Owen Wall
10/20/2022 $300.00 Anonymous Contributor
10/17/2022 $26.40 Bear Anderson
10/12/2022 $100.00 Anonymous Contributor
10/10/2022 $250.00 Carly Wall
10/06/2022 $114.40 Dan Sutich
10/06/2022 $65.00 Jaxson Wall
10/05/2022 $26.40 Anonymous Contributor
10/05/2022 $8.80 Anonymous Contributor
10/04/2022 $26.40 Swetha Amit
10/04/2022 $114.40 Lisa Wall
10/04/2022 $26.40 Carol Paul
10/04/2022 $114.40 Catherine Cross
10/04/2022 $26.40 Anonymous Contributor
10/03/2022 $8.80 Anonymous Contributor
10/03/2022 $114.40 Bob Anderson
10/03/2022 $154.85 Waitman Gobble

Contribution Form

For every US dollar contributed, one pound of home-grown fresh fruits and vegetables will be provided to a Kenyan in need who have qualified for this program.

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$8.80 covers one person for one week (8.8 pounds or four kilos).
$26.40 contributed takes care of a family of three for a week.
$114.40 contributed takes care of one person for the whole 13-week program.

Other Contribution:

KATA supporters can earmark their contribution for the following:
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Women Farmers in Need
Potential Pro runners in Need
Both Kenyans in Need
Sponsorship for KATA Fresh Farms growth and expansion
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